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There are very many kinds of businesses that entrepreneurs get involved in. All these businesses have ups and downs. For instance, some businesses biggest challenge is the high costs of shipping. This is a headache for very many small businesses. Their larger counterparts in some reasons do not find shipping costs to be as pressing as they do. There are several small businesses that are struggling with the shipping costs to the point of threatening the existence and progression of the business. Read about the best ecommerce shipping solutions



Good news is that resourceful entrepreneurs are slowly coming up with strategies that are helping them to reduce these costs. This helps them to stay in business. There are certain ways that are already in play today. Some of the measures that some entrepreneurs take to reduce the shipping costs are as follows. One of the thing that an entrepreneur can do is to negotiate with multiple carriers. Pricing by the shipping companies is usually based on the volume of what is being transported. This means that the more you ship, the lower your rate. This works for the big companies. The small companies, on the other hand, have to rely on their negotiating power as well as comparing the prices offered by various shipping companies.  


The other thing that you can do is to use the packaging that is provided by your carrier. There are some other additional fees that you might incur if you use your own packaging material. This is because your packaging material might exceed the size regulations. You might, therefore, end up paying additional fees. Also, it is wise to consider the regional carrier. These carriers usually provide the same services as the local ones. However, they might provide these services at much-reduced prices.   


The other option that an entrepreneur has to reduce the shipping costs is to use online shipping. This is also highly encouraged since you can save up to 16% when you consider online shipping. Additionally, you can invest in prepaid shipping. The prepaid shipping offer discount rates of up to 20%. This implies that you can save a lot of money by choosing to work with a prepaid shipping service. Read more about ecommerce shipping



And finally, you can buy insurance from the third party. The third party insurance charge less than the carriers do. These are some of the ways of reducing the shipping costs that are often used by the small companies.